Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is your business going through an identity crisis?

Remember when you were fourteen and struggling to figure out who you were. You were confused, tried different things, experimented with different looks all in search of your identity. As a business owner, can you relate to those same feelings of searching for your identity? Knowing who you are is essential in running a successful business. If you want people to believe in you and your product, you have to believe in yourself first and know who your brand identity is.

You also have to understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. By looking at your business in the perspective of your customers and in an objective manner, it will be easier to define and build your brand.

To help you find your identity, start by putting it down on paper and ask yourself some questions:

• What do you want to accomplish with your business
• What services or products do you offer
• What is your niche market
• Who is your audience
• How do you want people to perceive you and/or your company
• What makes you different than all the others in your niche market
• What do you want others to know and say about your products or services
• What is your message
• Describe your business in one sentence

Like when you were going through puberty, there might be an evolution of your brand’s identity as you grow and progress in your business. There’s nothing wrong with adding layers but if you are prepared and did your homework from the start, the growth process will be a lot easier and confusion will be avoided.

Don’t forget that image and brand is great but you must also deliver. If you’re only image and don’t produce, you’re only setting yourself up for disaster and will lose trust and credibility with your customers and prospects.

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